Dari dapurku…

maka jangan heran, selamat menikmati…


Click image for the bigger size.

Palm candy made in Indonesia. Kapur sirih in a paste (Lime Stone Paste), from thailand. Temu Kunci, Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) in chinese store (well, i got it from a friend, thank, nice you 🙂 )
Fish paste, a short cut for Siomay, Mpek-mpek, and other fish-paste based food Deep fried tofu cake, very similar with tofu for Tahu Gejrot. The price? ehm… Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce (Kecap manis), basic ingerdients: soy sauce and coconut sugar/gula merah
Indomie: the most popular instant noodle/ramen in Indonesia Many kind of biji delima or biji mutiara or tapioca pearl Daun salam kering, dried Indian Bay Leaves. But actually it bit different from the real Indian Bay Leaves.

Lengkuas beku or frozen galangal

Teri nasi, teri medan, silver fish

Kacang hijau or mung bean. Daikon, lobak putih Singkong, cassava in skin
Tepung beras Tepung beras ketan Tepung kanji or tapioca, made from cassava (Manihot esculenta) root.
Accord, for making bakso/meatball or fishball, shrimpball, beef/chicken frank, rolade, etc. Biji kluwak on package. Kencur bubuk or Cutcherry or Lesser galangal powder, a substitution for fresh one.
Petis udang: shrimp paste.
Terasi also called: shrimp paste.
Biji kemiri or candle nut.
Merica/sahang/pedes/lada hitam, or whole black pepper. Merica/sahang/pedes/lada or white pepper. Biji ketumbar or coriander seeds.
Biji anis, jintan manis, or fennel seed Biji jintan or cumin seed Biji anis-Biji jintan
Bunga anis, bunga pekak or star anis. Kapulaga hijau or green cardamom. Kapulaga putih or white cardamom.
Kayu manis or cinnamon Asam kandis Biji pala

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